How to Grow a Vine and Take Care of it

How to Grow a Vine and Take Care of it – Now having a grape business is very promising, because grapes are not just for dessert but can be made for drinks and more.

Most people who own vineyards have become rich people, because they know how to process grapes into abundant money, and for those of you who want to try to open a vineyard business you should be able to know what needs to be done to make the vineyard bee and many the fruit.

If we do not know that there is a high chance of crop failure that you can get, then for those of you who want to start a grape gardening business, I will give you a way to plant it and how to take care of it.

How to plant vines and care for them

All you have to do is you need to know the arrangement you can do:

  • Things that need to be prepared at the earliest
    How to cultivate land / planting hole
    Technical planting
    Fertilization guidelines
    Overcoming pests & grapes
    Pruning techniques
    How to make Pergola / Para-para, Horizontal Cordon and Vertical Cordon vines
    Fertilization techniques accompanied by tips on caring for the fruit to harvest
    Overcoming problems that often occur in maintaining wine
    And many more . . .

How to plant that you should pay attention to are:

  1. Preparations for choosing good seedlings and good seed criteria are:
    Minimum height of 50 cm
    It’s already strong in the sun in the afternoon
    Planting of leaves and new shoots looks fertile
    Free from pests and diseases
  2. Next is the location of plants, to create good and tasty wine you need to know the following criteria:
    Always get sunlight for at least 6 hours
    Have good air accumulation
    And stay away from puddles
  3. Steps to make a hole
    To insert grape seeds all you have to do is make a hole first.
  4. Put the seeds into a hole
    After you have made a new hole you can put grapes that are still good, remove the seeds from the pot but do not let the ground fall which can make the vine wither.

How to care for vines

How to care for you to do for the vine is to water the tree every day, but the grapes do not like excessive water and adjust to the conditions of the lebab and the weather.

Fertilization is one of the hobbies of people who love plantations, because without fertilization, your vines will only become firewood.

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