Several Stages of Wine Making

Several Stages of Wine Making – Who doesn’t know wine? Wine is a drink made from wine. This drink is often served when special moments or certain moments. Being one of the alcoholic drinks, wine can be quite intoxicating because of its natural chemical content.

Several Stages of Wine Making

Alcohol contained in wine no more than 14%, but still with these levels, wine can be intoxicating if consumed too much.

For those of you who like wine, know the process of making wine to make additional knowledge.


Usually the wine makers will have their own vineyard because the harvest process is not haphazardly originating quotes. It must be ensured that the wine has a balanced acidity and sweetness. And picking grapes does not use a machine, but uses the manual method by hand so that the quality of the wine is not damaged.

Fruit Destruction

This process is the second process, which is destroying grapes. The grapes will be crushed using a machine to improve the quality and durability of the wine. For the process of crushing the fruit in making white wine is quite different. The skin, seeds and grape flesh will be separated to make a clean color on white wine.


This process is the most important process in making wine. Grapes that have been crushed will be given yeast and fermented for about 10 to 1 month. There will be added sugar, but the dose depends on the taste that is suitable or not.


This process is carried out after the fermentation is complete. This process is to separate yeast, tannins, and proteins. Wine will be poured into large vessels which will make the wine clearer.

The last step in wine making is of course packaging. Wine will be packaged into bottles that have been looking for the signature wine. But there are some productions that will let the wine age in the plague to make it taste smoother.

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