Some of the Best and Most Popular Types of Grapes

Some of the Best and Most Popular Types of Grapes – In Indonesia almost all types of grapes can be planted, although only planted on the house using wood to spread vines.

But many residents who do not want to plant vines may be difficult or because the vines that make the house become orchid, and usually a large vine that has grown will cover the walls of our homes because the trunks are climbing.

Now I will give the best and most popular types of wine in Indonesia, which you can try that taste as good as imported wines:

Barbarossa Grape
This grape has a pretty strong and tasty taste, the red color of this wine also looks good and this grape has a texture that is not easily damaged so that this wine is suitable for making salads.

Some of the Best and Most Popular Types of Grapes

Rosario Bianco Grape
Green grapes are often found in supermarkets or in traditional markets with fresh, sweet and crispy flavors.

Anggur bali
This black wine has thick skin, soft flesh, seed and medium sweet taste, this grape is widely planted in Bali, hence it is called grape Bali.

This grape can be planted anywhere in the world, from resistance to extremely cold, hot temperatures, even in humid tropical climates, Isabella is able to survive and is considered to be quite resilient to pests.

Vitis rotundifolia
This grape has a dark purple and black color when it is ripe, this fruit is not fresh to eat and most of the fruit is made for jelly and wine.

A good type of Indonesian wine

Vitis vinifera
This grape grows in a dry climate and lowland, the characteristics of this type is to have thin skin, sweet and fresh taste, in Europe this type of wine is widely used for wine.

Vitis labrusca

This grape is able to grow in lowland areas up to 900 m above sea level. This species is also widely cultivated in the highlands, the characteristics of this type of grapes are having thick skin, sour taste and less fresh usually used for make juice and wine.

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