The Most Healthy Kind of Wine

The Most Healthy Kind of Wine – You surely already know that wine is a drink that is made from wine. Wine is one of the alcoholic drinks that can be intoxicating. But the alcohol contained in wine is a natural alcohol from the manufacturing process.

The Most Healthy Kind of Wine

If you already know about the way the manufacturing process. Of course you fans of wine really want to know the most healthy types of wine.

Actually wine does have a lot of vitamin needed in the body, but some types of wine are the healthiest wines that are highly recommended.

Dry red wine

This one wine contains quite a lot of antioxidants compared to other wines. This is because during the manufacturing process, the skin of grapes is destroyed and fermented.

Antioxidants found in this wine can protect the body from heart disease. Choose dry red wine from France and Sardinia because it contains more procyanidin.

Orange Wine

Orange wine is wine that comes from green grapes when the process of making the skin is not separated. Because of that the wine color looks orange.

Rose Wine

Rose wine is indeed almost the same as red wine in general, but the color of rose found in wine due to the faster separation time on the skin which is about 20 hours when fermented. Therefore, the color in rose wine is not as thick as red wine.

Dry White Wine

As you know the process of making white wine does not combine the skin so it produces clear colors. But even though there is no skin content in white wine, this wine is one of the best wines for health.

Sweet white wine

This wine has a sweet taste of sugar content in the manufacturing process. Because of these contents, wine has a fairly high carbohydrate. This wine is usually used as a gift to enliven the party.

In addition to the above wines, there are actually many more healthy wines. Consumption normally but often as a health therapy