5 of the most expensive wines in the world that makes the wallet shrink

5 of the most expensive wines in the world that makes the wallet shrink – Wine is one of the most popular wine-based drinks. Even for some people, wine can be used as a very elegant sautau thing. This wine has existed since the time of the Roman empire and ancient Greece, according to research conducted by outsiders the emergence of wine is estimated to have been dating back to 4500 BC.

No wonder if this drink is also closely related to the lives of rich people, the more wine the more expensive the money that has a wallet is drained to be able to get this wine. Wine is not just an ordinary drink, most rich people drink this wine when they are having dinner, when they are swimming, when they are playing online gambling games and others.

5 of the most expensive wines in the world that makes the wallet shrink

In this article, there are a number of wines that make your poor grub melted, yeah, this article will provide the most expensive wine recommendations in the world. For those of you who are poor-minded, don’t hold on to this drink, it will blister, hehehhe. Starting from the position occupied by the lowest priced wine, namely Cheval Blanc Wine to get 3 liters of this wine alone, the money being discussed is not only hundreds of millions more, but billions of rupiah. Precisely you have to spend up to Rp1, 8 billion.

The next Wine Chateau Lafite Wine Chateau Lafite is one of the most expensive types of wine in the world. To buy it alone, at least you have to prepare money in the amount of Rp 2.1 billion. the third Wine Jeroboam of Chaeteau Mouton Rotschild 1945. Considering its status as the best wine as well as its very old age, the price is even higher. To bring just one bottle, you have to prepare at least Rp. 4.1 billion.

Poor soul shaken

The second place is by the wine brand Chateau Margaux 1787, Wine is one of the collections belonging to former President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Do not ask how much the price is, when this wine accidentally falls by a waiter, the insurance company is only able to compensate half the loss of Rp3.1 billion. Well already know how much it costs. And now we have reached the top position as the most expensive wine in the world. This position is occupied by wine that comes from Oakville, California. Then why did this wine succeed in becoming the most expensive in the world? It all started with an auction in 2000. Someone surprisingly made the highest bid on this wine. Unmitigated money worth US $ 500,000 is the number offered. That means the price is equivalent to Rp6.1 billion.

How does your poor soul scattered on the street, when you hear the price of the most expensive wine in the world.

Expensive Wine Is Perfect As A Friend In Online Gambling

In a casino that is intended to seek pleasure, it will not be spared from wine. Accompanying each game is the duty of a fine wine.

Indeed, aesthetically, wine becomes an elegant and luxurious drink to accompany any formal event, celebrate something, or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Wine in a casino is an obligation and is always there for the players so that it will make the atmosphere even more fun with wine.

This drink that has been passed down from generation to generation is one of the most loved things and is able to make everyone enjoy every drop of wine provided.

We have discussed the wine making process before which provides information on how a wine can be of high quality and suitable for you to enjoy and taste. (Several Stages of Wine Making)

And here we are telling you again that wine is perfect for those who want to play online gambling and accompanied by a delicious glass or bottle of wine.

In enjoying a wine as well as gambling, you can immediately play on the Agen Sbobet site and play your favorite gambling game with your favorite wine.